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The Best Summer Job

I love baking and, with my background in the visual arts, have always particularly enjoyed the presentation element. Often, these efforts turn out to be more ambitious then successful, and often end in some degree of disarray or defeat - though it's fairly easy to make breakfast foods with whipped cream and fruit look pretty - but I am reasonably content with my portfolio of ice cream cakes. There isn't really a place for this kind of thing elsewhere on the site, so they've ended up here.

I worked at a branch of a local chain of ice cream parlors called Bruster's, and one of the things we did in our down time was build and decorate ice cream cakes for the display and to fill customer orders - I started just messing around and ended up having a lot of fun with it - taking pictures of my favorites along the way (some images of them are still on the store's website). Some of the cakes are lopsided as it took me a bit to get used to how much I could work on them without having them melt or shift, but such are the dangers of the medium.


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