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In Too Deep Illustrations

Kayla, Connor, Emily, Kati, Luke, Michelle, Katherine, and Matthew, eight siblings raised apart, suddenly discover both their estranged family and that they come from a magical world called Corwelt. As they begin to explore, they are swept up to compete in a contest to determine the next rulers of the each of the four realms of Terraus, Sub Terraus, Aerium, and Nymphia, even as they struggle to uncover whoever is behind the sinister traps which continue to threaten the safety of the contestants.

This series of illustrations are for an unpublished book written by my sister, Ariel Tokarz, who is an incredible artist and prolific (though as-yet-unpublished) writer. The descriptions accompanying each image are the quotes each section of her text as they would appear in a printed version. Each drawing is done with colored pencil, sharpie, and graphite on 11x8.5 cardstock.

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