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Fingertips Character Designs

These are all original characters that I am developing for a story I am writing - or thinking about writing. Honestly, I'm a lot better with world-building then plot and execution and I have more experience with drawing, so a lot of my energy thus far has been directed towards what you see below. The impetus for the story was inspired a conversation I had with my father - he was a huge fan of They Might Be Giants and once told me that he wanted to write a book based off their song "Fingertips" - a series of mini-songs which each center around a word or phrase. Each of these characters have been inspired by various other They Might Be Giants songs and they are at different stages of development - some characters already have a full-blown back story (not included here) and some have already been written into short stories. Below you will see a mix of some which only a have basic sketches or outlines, some who went through extensive development, and some I was happy with the first sketch.

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