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Cut Paper

This gallery illustrates the evolution of my cut paper work in roughly chronological order - not including the Illustrated Word series which are featured on a separate page. The first two are collages, and more information on the process of the rest can be found in this post from my blog.

One Ocean
The Littlest Tokarz
The Color of Magic
The Color of Magic - Progress (Overlay)
The Color of Magic - Progress (Between Layers)
The Color of Magic - Progress (Back)
The Color of Magic - Progress (Full)
No One Knows My Plan - Back
No One Knows My Plan
No One Knows My Plan - Without Background
Cut Paper Card

Shadow Play

This project is structured around contrast and the interplay of positive and negative space. The positive space of the two layers of cut paper juxtapose simple circles over complex, angular patterns portrayed in complementary colors. This distinction dissolves in what we can see in the negative space as the shadows cast by each layer interact and merge. The gentle undulation of each layer modulates the behavior of these shadows creating a network of crisp and blurred edges. This piece encourages viewer interaction, as appraising the work from different angles or in different lighting conditions – such as introducing a flashlight – changes the relationship between the features of each layer.

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