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About the Artist

I love to create art, and it's really calming for me. I enjoy pushing the limits of what I can do with different techniques and media, and even my style, trying to come up with unconventional ways to make things work, and often end up working in multiple media in order to harness the strengths of each to bolster my project. In general, my favorite media tends to be colored pencils but I also love figure drawing with charcoal. Recently though, I have been working with Adobe Illustrator a lot. I'm also all over the place in terms of subject matter, though I tend to be more figural than abstract - apart from my patterns and mandalas - and the closest I can come to describing my style is "illustration." Aside from creating art, my hobbies include reading, writing, working on puzzles, folding origami (I can make an origami crane with my eyes closed), gardening, and playing with my cat.

I graduated from the Osceola County School for the Arts with a diploma in Visual Arts; from Assumption University with B.A.s in Theology and Political Science, alongside minors in Art, Psychology, and the Core Texts and Enduring Questions Program; and with a Master's Degree in Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas (MN), where I wrote my Master's Essay on how truth is conveyed through art, and why art must take an integral role in education (I mostly focused on literature, though the visual arts were never far from my mind). My most recent foray into formal education in the arts has been a series of glassblowing classes at the Foci Center for Glass Arts.

I am still trying to discern how art will play a role in my adult life. Art is very important to me and can be harnessed to invite contemplation and discussion in a unique way, an idea which I developed in some length through my Master's Essay, and I hope to tap into that more as an independent artist. I think that my multi-media approach to art is affected by my holistic view of reality - instead of singling out one discipline (or media) to the exclusion to all else, I prefer to pull everything into the conversation, harnessing each approach when applicable and (theoretically at least) weaving everything together into a cohesive whole. However, I have yet to see much bleed through of the ideas I spend so much time in outside of art in terms of the subject matter of my work, though I have recently completed a few portraits of saints for some of my friends.

Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want to share a comment, or are interested in purchasing any of my works, or would like to request a commission. On the off chance that you stumbled across my site without coming through my artist Instagram account, you can follow me @OrigamiByTheLITEswitch which often documents progress and includes miscellaneous commentary. I also have created a cleaner, abbreviated portfolio of my work which can be accessed here.

God Bless you! :)

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