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Unconventional Surfaces

In my Drawing 2 class, I did a lot of experimenting with media and surfaces. I enjoy pushing the limits of my art and experimenting with the possible applications of my design-work. These four works are presented in reverse chronological order. The umbrella, the most recent, is definitely my favorite; I was particularly pleased with the shadows the drawings cast on the underside of the canopy. The middle two projects here, the city globe and layered leaves were executed as part of my Drawing 2 class (about the same time as Something Missing, which was another successful piece on an unconventional surface), but they did not quite live up to their potential. The leaves were supposed to be displayed in a staggered, shadow-box to create depth and interplay between the different layers, but my attempts at constructing a display for it were not structurally sound, and the globe was an experimentation with white-on-black vs black-on-white, which didn't end up being distinct enough from each other. The final piece, a decorated pumpkin, was literally just something I created at a Fall event my first year of college - I took so long working on it that the volunteer let me keep the paint pen when she was cleaning up so that I could finish the design.


Sun Dappled Leaves

3D Cityscape

Decorated Pumpkin

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