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Digital Media

I am entirely self-taught in graphic design, but this medium is sometimes the best fit for a particular project. I've been working a lot more with this media recently, fleshing out old drawings from my sketchbooks - its a nice (and forgiving) way to get bold lines and bright colors, two of my favorite design elements. I use the Adobe suite, primarily Illustrator, and sometimes a Wacom drawing tablet.

Logo and Miscellaneous Promotional Work


Broccoli Wizzard
Face Close-Up
Staff Close-Up
Cape Close-Up
Hat Close-Up
Scissors Bard
Face Close-Up
Accordion Close-Up
Shoe Close-Up
Flippy Riding a Dinosaur
Finished Piece
Thumbnail Sketches
Developed Thumbnail
Layered Thumbnails
Progress (Layered)
Progress (Cleaned)
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