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Leave a NightLITE On

My father was a role-model to me. He would always give us a lift if we need it, did his best to help us with homework, and, being creative in his own right, even helped me with my art. He was goofy and funny, and would always bringing us out for camping and other outdoors-y activities. In September, doctors found that he had Stage Four brain cancer, and surgical removal was a non-viable option. He was such an amazing person; through all the tests he had to undergo at the hospital, despite the scare of learning he had cancer and being told his average life expectancy, he kept worrying about me and my siblings and how this is going to affect us. This truly showed how big his heart was; he was an amazing example of the likeness of God our Father and I am exceptionally blessed to have him in not only in my life but as my own Earthly father before God took him home. This series commemorates him.


The portrait of him waterskiing was a gift for his birthday, which he hung over his desk. The image of the map is based on one of our favorite goofy stories that he used to tell us when we were younger, mapping out the actual arc of the story's action with scraps bearing some of his own words. The two bird houses were made to commemorate who he was to me and my family, and who he will always remain in our hearts, inspired by his favorite song, Birdhouse in Your Soul by They Might Be Giants. Their music also inspired the sculpture; I drew most of my inspiration from their cover of the song Why Does the Sun Shine?, but I also referenced Birdhouse in Your Soul, stitched a line from Fingertips onto the forehead around the image of my Dad's eyes, and sewed their logo onto one of the arms. I would like to thank them for all the joy their music has brought me and my family throughout the ups and downs of life. Thank you, Sean Tokarz, for being my Blue Canary.

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