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Hello there!

I have created this as a way to showcase the stories and processes behind individual art pieces in a way that's a little bit difficult to do in many of the other pages dedicated to showing a cross-section of my portfolio. It also contains some of my poetry because I've found myself writing more and more poetry. It's not generally something I sit down to do intentionally - it just kind of comes bursting out of me every once in a while - but I figured that I might as well include it in my website because this the portfolio of my art.

I am going to do my best to present my work in the order in which it was created, which means that there is a chance that new content will be added below rather than above, though a lot of the dates are approximates at best. There will also be some repetition of blurbs from my artist Instagram page since I hope this will be an archive of sorts.

Thanks again and happy browsing!

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