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This piece, though submitted as an assignment for my Drawing 2 class, was created as a memorial for my cat - Myrrh - who had just died. The reference images I used were from a few years earlier when he was sitting among the memorial bouquets we had received in honor of my father's passing. The design and eventual title were inspired by Myrrh's favorite song - a cover of Skyscraper sung by Seventh Day Slumber - which he communicated to me by repeatedly skipping back to it from any other song on the CD I was trying to listen to. The shape of the middle panel is meant to resemble a skyscraper (a design which was simplified from its original instantiation in order to promote harmony between the segments), though the remainder of the design is based on a stained-glass window (like it's made of glass when it's made of paper). The ultimate dimensions and tryptic nature of the piece were based on necessity because I had ended up flying home for Thanksgiving and therefore had to start the piece in Georgia, and then transport it on an airplane to get it back to school in Massachusetts - I slipped the three pieces into my backpack and later mounted them on black paper for the finished piece. (You get a bonus image of Myrrh sitting on the piano amid my X-Luminate series as it was being prepared for the art show - perfectly positioned in front of Ignite to give him a set of wings.)

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