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Updated: Feb 13, 2022

This is a self-portrait I did last week because I couldn't think of what to draw and I am way too proud of this outfit. I don't typically give much thought to clothes, but had a pre-graduation awards ceremony at my university and I decided in the spur of the moment that if I had to dress up for it, I was going to do it my way, ergo the cat ears (and cat purse, which you cannot see here, and paw prints on the mask, which I strategically omitted because of their tiny size and the complications of shading and perspective). Now I have a picture of myself standing (socially distanced) with the president of the university wearing my cat ears. The underlayer for this piece is done in pink hues, which can still be seen around the shirt collar where there is no color to cover it up. I also kind of chickened out in sticking with the mask - I sketched in a mouth and nose at the preliminary stage, but I didn't have a photo of myself from the right angle and lighting etc. and didn't feel like making the effort of making them look convincing.

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