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Release, Return Art Show

Updated: Jun 3

I had a chance to participate in the first annual alumni art show hosted by OCSA. It was so much fun to see some old friends and meet some new people, and of course see the impressive variety of art from so many different people. I printed brand new business cards with my new domain to bring and share and got to display four of my art pieces.

I created Shadow Play in December of 2023 and this was already its second art show. Apart from glass - which requires specific studio space - cut paper is my newest artistic endeavor, so I wanted to share it in the Release, Return art show. My previous cut paper works were simply a new way of creating framing, but I was recently creating cut paper thank you cards and realized how cool the shadows are - so I decided to make a cut paper piece in a shadow box to try to showcase that feature. The layers are created to contrast one another, with simple circles over complex, angular patterns portrayed in complementary colors. This piece is particularly geared towards the viewer interaction possible at an art show since appraising the work from different angles or in different lighting conditions – such as introducing a flashlight – changes the relationship between the features of each layer.

The other three pieces were prints of my three Unconventional Campaign characters. It was so cool to see them printed so large (each is a foot tall now) - and fun to make frames for each one by hand (which I haven't done in quite a while) - and I even got over myself and signed them (which actually turned out really well). This series literally started as a silly doodle in my sketchbook, but they became my creative release through a time when I struggled with artistic inspiration. I'm actually starting to develop these three into a children's book - very early stages so far but I'll post some of my sketches of some of the background characters and maybe some other world building stuff later.


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