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A Year in Art

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Despite all the challenges of this year, I actually managed to create a lot of art. I don't have very much from January through July because during that time I was mostly working on my Senior Seminar project - a series of three 30x22in, three layered pieces - which took a ton of time. I spent the fall semester at home, participating in classes remotely, which gave me quite a bit more free time than I typically have during the school year, and I am very happy that I managed to focus on getting some art done during that time. Admittedly, a good bit of that work has been the development and completion of sketches I did some time ago, but I have also done more spontaneous, original work than I have in a while (e.g. To Make a Prairie, the Broccoli Wizard and Scissor Bard, and the drawings of my cats). I was also pretty happy with most of the paintings I completed for my Painting 2 class (October-November) even though I often don't get along with paint.

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